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… and the angel throws the goblin at a gorgon sitting in the crypt…wait… what?

Planeswalkers. Beings with the ability to travel the multiverse. Stronger than an archmage and longer living than the oldest oak.

But still capable of the most almighty screw-ups.

This is an ongoing campaign about at least one such screw up, and the consequences that it has on an entire plane.

Starting on the city plane of ravnica the party discover that a bomb has been placed in Svogthos, the main tomb of the Golgari; a tomb that represents some of the last remnants of a time gone by.

The Guildpact has been dissolved, there are officially no guilds. So why would someone use the Golgari’s own technology to detonate their last well known structure?

Why would another faction call on the aid of three inexperienced planeswalkers to solve the problem?

Why has no one else responded?

Home Page

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