The Planeswalkers' Joke

Report to Lord Bolas #213

There has been some issue with the plan. Dimir remnants were trying to interfere. There is now one less. They appear to be incompetent. I have sent one report with mine. It has numerous factual inaccuracies. However, the plan should continue and changes to it should be minimal.

Report #1

As requested the message to the secondary targets has been delivered. Upon recieving the message they convened at the designated point (though hostilities between them flared imeadiately, as you predicted) and moved towards the overground entrance to Svogthos. All but two guards were removed beforehand, and all members of the watch were made to look the other way.

However, unexpectedly, the Goblin decided to try and talk his way in, through what I can only concieve of as cleverly positioned questions in order to get the guards to let the three of them in (or he really was asking where the toilet was). However, he gets diverted and 5 minutes later returns and attacks one of the guards.

All witnesses of the event have been silenced either through coin or blade. They took down the two guards without apparent injury. They have since been silenced more permanently after they tried to hide the unconcious bodies in a nearby alleyway. They then moved downwards towards Svogthos. They encountered the Gorgon Svarthais at the bottom of the stairwell, along with two guards. The angel threw the goblin behind some crates in a masterful display of forethought to prevent his ally from being petrified. As the fight wore on between the two sides, however, the goblin became petrified by the gorgon but managed to kill the gorgon just before freezing over completely. The guards were taken down and then the vedalken used his hasterful magics to remove the petrification effect by application of some form of amulet that he had brought with him.

They then proceeded down the corridor, loudly announcing their assault on the………

The report ends there with what appears to be arterial spray on the page

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